Clans Of The Forest (Information)

Leader: Gracestar

Gracetail is a tortiseshell she-cat with a white underbelly. Her mother, Heatherclaw, was an OceanClan cat far away. When the clan began to fall, her mother sent her away. Since OceanClan was weak, the neiboring clans saw their clan as something to take over, so MeadowClan and MountainClan joined together to kill everyone in the clan, and take the land for themselves. Heatherclaw did not wish for her only daughter to fall to that fate, so a clan ally, named Joyce (A wolf) carried the little Gracekit far away to a place where she would thrive. Unfortunately, during a wolf attack, Joyce became gravely ill from infection of a fatal wound. She sent Gracekit ahead, knowing that she would find herself on the right path. Gracekit grew up as a loner, but stumbled upon WindClan in search of a home. She became an apprentice with her adopted sister, Dawnbreeze. Unfortunately, shortly after Dawnbreeze had her kits, she passed away. Her adopted mother was Daggerclaw, but she died of an illness in her late apprentice hood. When Rosestar vanished, and the deputy Angerfire went missing, she was the only cat left standing in WindClan. It was hardly a clan. It wasn't for three seasons until she again heard from Rosestar, giving her the position of the new leader of WindClan.

Deputy: (Will soon be chosen)

Medicine Cat: Wonderlost

Wonderlost is a pure black she-cat with bright blue eyes. She's pretty quiet, but speaks up when she has something to say. She's a kind and caring medicine cat of Windclan. She came from a farm as a young cat.




A black tom with blotches of white on his forearms and his paws. Blizzardstorm is a normal sized tom with gray stormy eyes. This tom is a warrior or Windclan. His bio-mother is Rosestar, before she left her home lands, she gave birth to him and his two brothers. Falcon and Flame. The three traveled together to return back to their mother. Blizzard is a quiet, keep to himself kind of tom. He doesn't like to speak much and is older then the two by few minutes.



 A dark brown tom with lighter brown spots on his forearms. He has bright emerald green eyes with a nice build. Though he is a little smaller then the average male. Falcon is attached to his brother, Flame. He cannot live without Flame near. A warrior of Windclan.



 A reddish orange tom cat with firey orange eyes. Average built tom with skills far greater then his age. Flame is attached to his brother, Falcon. They are very close to one another. Flame is a warrior of Winclan. Quick on his feet but quiet around others he doesn't know.







 Griffonkit is an orange tom with dark brown patches all over his fur. He was raised by a spirit, a spirit that was unknown to him. He never had a mother, and if he did, he never met her. All the spirit told him is that somethings coming to the clans, and he had to be there. Once he reached the age of five moons, the spirit told him to go to WindClan. He asked if he could choose which clan he went to, but the spirit strictly said no. He had no idea why he couldn't choose, and the spirit refused to tell him. All he said was 'You'll find out in your own time, Griffon of Darkness'. That was what the spirit called him. He often dreams of war, and talking to evil cats in a dark, scary forest. But most often, he dreams of two cats. One was a black she-cat, with one white paw, and amber eyes. The other, a tom, and looked much like himself, but younger. In his dreams, he always called the younger tom Curse. He is very kind, respectful, and obedient. He's basically the perfect kit every queen wants.