Clans Of The Forest (Information)

Leader: Sonar

Sonar is an orange tom with a long, fluffy tail. he was a lab rat in New York City when he was 4 seasons old. he was born and raised in New York City with his sister Chain, but when the twolegs found him they took him away from his home and sent him to the lab. Personally, hes not a fan of the clan territories, but he has to deal with it.

Second in Command: Mystia

Mystia is a warrior of the Unkown territories. Though she had admitted it once, and never again infront of Sonar, she is the second most powerful cat in the world... Her father being the first, she being the second and her brother being the third. Mystia is a black she cat with tons of white details and markings. She has a white face, white tipped ears, white tipped tail, white chest, three white paws, and other markings all throughout her fur. Her eyes are blue and orange. her twin brother, Mistoffelees (Yes... Another Misto....) had betrayed their father and left to go join other cats that are not magical. Mystia on the other hand, got kicked out of her fathers warehouse.... She found the Unkown Territories... Somehow... She thought her father told her to go there but Mystia was never a real good listener to him. Mystia is a fighter. She will fight when told. She will do what she has to do with no second thought. Though she can also be very kind, fun loving, hyper and silent. She has to many powers to count of name.... Just promise her one thing. NEVER tick her off or it will be the LAST thing you EVER do!