Clans Of The Forest (Information)

StarClan Cats

Glimmershine (SkyClan)


 She is a very upbeat- out there individual. Her can do attitude is near impossible to damper, even the day she died- She came through StarClan's gates with the biggest smile a dead cat could have. Her can do attitude does not mean she is the nicest, it also goes around the base of "If you make me mad, I can- and will tear your head off and use your skull as a water bowl. She is not just cruel either, her motherly instinct knows no bounds.


Starcast (SkyClan)

She was once a happy, vibrant, and beautiful she-cat. Now, in StarClan, a quiet endearing soul. She doesn't talk much, but when she does... It's usually advice, and the advice is usually great. She is Glimmershines older sister.


Chocolatefur (ThunderClan)

(info needed)


Twigtail (ThunderClan)


Twigtail was a beautiful orange she-cat with a white tip on her tail, and blue eyes. She was very kind, responsible, compassionate, and understanding. She was born a SkyClan cat, to her mother, Hollystar, and her father, Lightningfang. She had a sister, too, named Skykit. The two were very close, and did everything together. They became apprentices together, and trained hard. Her mentor was her uncle, Dewfoot. Every now and then, she would help her grandmother, Gingerheart, with her duties as medicine cat. Gingerheart did not have Hollystar when she was medicine cat. Gingerheart actually became medicine cat later in life after a terrible border patrol accident, where she lost sight in one eye, and permanently disfigured her back left leg. She fell in love with a tom named Iceyfoot, and she had one, weak kit. The kit was colored like fire, and her eyes matched those of her father. Looking to the sky, she named the little kit Phoenixkit. The kit nearly died when she was born, but her grandmother managed to save her. Phoenixkit was a very energetic kit, until one day, she was abducted. The clan did everything they could to find Phoenixkit, but they had no luck. Four seasons passed, and she had three more beautiful kits: Goldenkit, Sparrowkit, and Finchkit. The kits were three moons old when the clan was was attacked by wolves. Iceyfoot told her to take her kits and run to ThunderClan, where they would be safe. She didn't want to leave him, but things were getting awful. Terror was struck into her heart as she saw her beloved mate torn to shreds by the alpha of the pack, before she took her kits and ran, never looking back. She arrived in ThunderClan safely, and she found out that her mother, Hollystar, her grandmother, Gingerheart, her mate, Iceyfoot, and her sister, Skybright, did not survive the attack. The deputy, Dewfoot, did not survive either. The clan was without a leader, without a medicine cat, and every warrior was killed. All that remained of SkyClan was two elders, an apprentice, and a queen with no kits. She stayed as a queen in ThunderClan, and raised her three kits. However, when the kits were five moons old, she saw her daughter Goldenkit's body being dragged into camp. She was devastated, and the haunting thought that the same may have happened to her firstborn daughter, Phoenixkit, haunted her for moons. Her beloved daughters became apprentices. Finchpaw became a medicine cat apprentice, but Sparrowpaw left ThunderClan and joined ShadowClan to train with their leader. During their training, she met a tom named Glacierbreeze. He was an exiled clan cat from some far away clan, known as EarthClan. She had never heard of this clan in her life, and the stories he would tell fascinated her. The two ended up falling in love, and he helped her get over her lost love. They ended up having two kits, a boy and a girl. She named them Thornkit and Leafkit. The two kits went into apprentice hood, and her heart was shattered when her son, Thornpaw, was killed the same way her daughter, Goldenkit, was. Her daughter, Leafpaw, grew to be a warrior named Leafbright. She watched her eldest daughter Finchpaw become a full medicine cat, named Finchsong. She also lived to see her daughter Sparrowpaw become a warrior of ShadowClan, named Sparrowtalon. Her life started to grow to an end when she discovered she was expecting four kits. The birth went horribly wrong, and she only lived a short while after they were born. She named them Hollykit, in memory of her deceased mother... Spark-kit, because the kit had so much energy at such a young age... Shiningkit, because her fur seemed to shine like stars in the moonlight... and Flarekit, because his fur was the color of the most brilliant flame. She died of blood loss shortly after. She spends her days in StarClan watching over her beloved children, and by the side of the two kits who she lost. She feels the strongest pride in her eldest three daughters. Finchsong, who became the most wise medicine cat ThunderClan has ever had... Sparrowstar, who became the most courageous leader ShadowClan has ever been lead by, and Phoenixstar, who found her way home, and became the most compassionate leader SkyClan has ever known. 


Thornpaw (ThunderClan)


Thornpaw was a brown tiger colored tom with a white underbelly, a brown nose, and brown eyes. He was born in Twigtail's third litter, along with his sister, Leafbright. Being the only boy out of all of his mother's kits was rather weird for him. He was always with his sister Leafkit, since she wasn't as girly as the older two. He became an apprentice by her side, and they loved training together, but one day, he was dragged into Darkforest while he was asleep, and killed in his dreams. This also killed him in real life. He used to leave StarClan all the time to spend time with Leafpaw, but one day, she vanished, so now he stays with his mother, Twigtail, and his sister, Goldenkit. 


Goldenkit (ThunderClan)


Goldenkit was a golden she-cat with a white chest. She was born to Twigtail in SkyClan, with two sisters: Sparrowkit and Finchkit. Her mother had fled to ThunderClan during a battle, and they became members of that clan. Goldenkit was very kind, sweet, and helpful. She had never had much intention to fight, and preferred to help Perishsong, the current medicine cat, with her duties. However, one day, when she was outside of camp messing around, Fear of Death, a Darkforest warrior, got ahold of her, and slaughtered her. She was the first cat to die in the Darkforest war. She spends her time in StarClan watching over her sisters, guiding them to their highest potential. 


Skunk-paw (SkyClan)


Skunk-paw was a black tom with white paws, and a white stripe going down his back. He was born to Phoenixstar and Thunderbolt of SkyClan, and he had two littermates. named Shootingkit and Mysterykit. He also had an older brother and sister, named Darkember and Lightfrost. His brother and sister, Shootingkit and Mysterykit, were killed early apprentice hood by wolves, and he was killed not long after when the camp was raided by Darkforest. He always wanted to be just like his father, who he had only met twice, before he vanished out of thin air. He died protecting who would have been his future mate, Aurapaw, who later on became Aurashade after his death. He never forgot about her.