Clans Of The Forest (Information)

Leader: Phoenixstar

Phoenixstar is a beautiful long haired golden she-cat with brilliant amber eyes. She is very responsible and kind, and puts her family first before she thinks about anything else. Not only is she the leader of SkyClan, but she is a mate to Thunderbolt, a mother to four expected kits and her eldest daughter, Lightfrost, and a grandmother to Lilyheart. She has had other kits, but they were all ripped away from her during the Darkforest War. Their names were Darkember, Skunk-paw, Miraclelight, Mysterypaw, AuraShade, Shootingpaw, and ToxicCloud. Some of her children were adopted, but she still loved them just the same. She was raised to think she was born a loner, from her mother, Sunblaze, and her father, Moonglow. However, this was not the case. After investigating as a kit, she found the two talking. Apparently, they were being chased by cats in a clan called SkyClan, because they wanted Phoenix back. This struck her as odd, because she had no idea what SkyClan was. When she confronted her parents, she discovered they were never her parents at all. They were imposters, who kidnapped her from SkyClan camp when she was born, and raised her as their own. She found out that she was the eldest daughter of Twigtail, the daughter of the leader of SkyClan. However, the day she finally made her way back to SkyClan was the day that their leader, Hollystar, died. She was only seven moons old at the time. Their deputy had betrayed the clan, and murdered Hollystar. StarClan revoked him of his deputy position, and came down to the medicine cat of SkyClan. The medicine cat, who was merely an apprentice named Robinpaw, told the clan that Phoenix was a sign from StarClan, and that she was to be the new leader of SkyClan. No one doubted her, and instantly made her leader. This was very unusual, since she was only the age of a new apprentice. She went to the Mooncave and recieved her nine lives, and became Phoenixstar. After a few moons as the leader of SkyClan, she discovered that she had more family than she thought. She never did meet her mother, because apparently, Twigtail fled SkyClan during a fight before she came back, and went to ThunderClan. When she went looking, she found out that she had four sisters, named Sparrowtalon, Finchsong, Hollycherry, and Spark-Water. She also once had a brother, but after asking about him, she discovered that her brother Flarekit, and Phoenixstar's previously unknown sister, Goldenkit, were murdered by Darkforest. That was around the time the Darkforest War began. After the war, Phoenixstar had seen too much. She was still so young for a cat with her position. She began to develop an unhealthy level of anxiety and paranoia, and a terrible phobia of blood and fighting. And now, she questions why StarClan ever chose her to lead SkyClan.

Deputy: (Soon to be chosen)

Medicine Cat(s):

No med cat, all died


Lunerblaze: (on hiatus)

 I am Lunarblaze. i am a strong, courageous cat... with a sad history, I struggle each day trying to control my actions and stay on the right path, especially.... when you aren't the average cat. i am all black, with one white spot in the shape of a crescent moon on my chest. I have purple eyes. i am energetic, and a more serious type cat. 



Lightfrost is a stunning, long haired white she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. She is very independent, loyal, powerful, and holds a strong sense of authority.  She was once a prophecy cat, along with her mate, Lunarblaze. She once held the power of the sun in her paws, but when the prophecy ended, her powers faded. She gave birth to two kits not long after the prophecy was fulfilled. Their names were Lilykit and Galekit. However, when they were apprentices, Galepaw was abducted and never seen again. Lilypaw grew to become a warrior, and she also found out that her daughter ended up somehow inheriting her powers, as well as Lunarblaze's. All of her pride rests in her daughter, and she deeply loves her mother, Phoenixstar, and her father, Thunderbolt. She would do anything for her family.



Lilyheart is a grey she-cat with amber eyes. She always wears a pendant around her neck with a blood red gemstone in it. She is very kind, but outgoing, energetic, difficult to control, and happy-go-lucky. She is calm when she need to be, but you will usually see her jumping around, like a cat with ADHD. Her mother and father were prophecy cats, and somehow, when she was born, she inherited their powers. They thought it was because she was going to be a prophecy cat, too, but as time went by, nothing came up. It was odd. She has a brother, named Galekit, but he dissapeared one day, and never came back. Death of kits seems to run in her family, since her grandmother lost all of her kits, except one.. her mother.




 A massive golden, dark brown stripped tom with stony grey blue eyes. Thunderbolt is the mate to the leader, Phenioxstar and proudly a father. He doesn't remember much from his past just that he loves his mate and kits. Thunderbolt is a warrior of SkyClan and wishes to be deputy. He is stubborn and can be cold toward any cat if they dare harm his family or Clan. Thunderbolt is not from around here, he once lived in the mountains were he was ran from his Pack for speaking out of term with the Alpha. He sometimes slides back into what he was taught, or more like drilled into his head. Thunderbolt is dangerous and can be conniving at times, though he is smart. He can manipulate others easily by playing with their emotions.




Phoenixstar's 4 expected kits (to be described)



Orchidkit is a golden and white she-cat with gorgeous, sky blue eyes. She was born to Phoenixstar and Thunderbolt, the leader of SkyClan, and a powerful warrior. She was born a lot later than her eldest sister, Lightfrost, who was born several seasons in the past. Her eldest sister even had a daughter, who would be considered Orchidkit's neice, who was much older than herself. When she was born, she had three brothers, named Eclipsekit, Lionkit, and Owlkit. She was the only girl of the litter. She is a complete sweetheart who will do anything to help, she is very kind, understanding, nonjudgmental, innocent, and compassionate. She will always place others' needs before her own, and always considers the other cat's point of view. If anything, she is completely selfless. 



 Eclipsekit is a small, misunderstood soul. Born from Phoenixstar, he joins his two brothers- Owlkit, and lionkit... as well as his sister, Orchidkit. He doesn't like to compete with the other three, and tends to stick to himself. He knows he is meant for something, big or small... but there is a reason he was born to this earth. He is a problem solver, and likes to figure things out. He is observant, an complex. Behind the lone wolf personality-he secretly longs for someone to share is intelligence with.






Owlkit is a black tom with grey-amber eyes. His mother is Phoenixstar, the leader of ShadowClan, and his father is Thunderbolt. Although he is much stronger and larger in size in comparison to his brothers and sister, he is seemingly the quietest of the bunch, and is actually quite gentle. He is not keen on fighting, and his large size makes him a clumsy hunter. One day, he hopes to be SkyClan medicine cat, and learn the secrets behind healing and sharing tongues with StarClan.