Clans Of The Forest (Information)


Sparrowstar: Sparrowstar is a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. She is very self-critical, kind, friendly, and powerful. She prefers to be a friend more than she prefers to be a leader. She grew up in SkyClan, but when she was only 3 moons old she was forced to leave her clan with her mother and sisters, Finchkit (Finchsong now), and Goldenkit. after many moons, she left her new clan, ThunderClan, to live in ShadowClan. A day later, her mother died having kits. She then became Brakenstar's apprentice. After training, she became a warrior, Sparrowtalon, and found out that someday she would have a destiny no other warrior would ever have. Throughout her time in ShadowClan, she fell in love with Brakenstar, and then became deputy. Then, she heard Brakenstar had disappeared, and she was now leader. she felt broken hearted, and didn't think she would ever be the same again after that event. She was filled with self hatred after the darkforest war. Her family was slaughtered before her, and she led her clan into a terrible battle. Ever since, she has blamed herself for all of it, leading herself into a spiraling depression.

Deputy: Brackenfur

 A massive dark brown tom with black stripes and piercing golden eyes. Brackenfur is a strong tom, one that is considered dangerous on a level. He was the former Leader of ShadowClan but had to leave for the sake of his Clan. Now that he's back, as a warrior, he wants to show his Clan that he is still useful. Brackenfur is in love with Sparrowstar

Medicine Cat:  Sparkblaze

 Sparkblaze is a orange tabby cat with greenish yellow eyes and he is also the Medicine Cat of Shadowclan and he is proud of it. Though, he will only work on, or help, a cat that is a part of Shadowclan and one that he trusts. If it is a brand new cat or someone that he does not think it worthy or his work, he will only give slight treatment, which means just enough until their body can heal on their own. Yes, that may not be the proper way of a Medicine Cat but it is his way and he will be sticking with it. Sparkblaze had thoughts of leaving the life of the clans as everyone started to disappear but he changed his mind as he realized he would be leaving Sparrowstar. He didn't want to be alone and he didn't want to her to be alone either.




 A small tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes. She is a skilled hunter and agile in combat. Fallen Leaves was cast out from her tribe some years before she happened upon Shadowclan and had spent most of her youth travelling alone. She is loyal but also comfortable with independence, and wants nothing more than to please her new clan. She wants to become a warrior of Shadowclan.



 Dogs And Cats  Beautiful Cat

 Swallowpaw is a black and white tom with icy blue eyes. An apprentice of ShadowClan, he is very anti-social and prefers to keep to himself. He is kind, and respectful, but socializing makes him uncomfortable. His mother was an unknown territories cat, named Radiant. She was experimented on, and could glow in the dark. His mother left the Unknown Territories when she found out about her pregnancy, because she never wanted her kits to know of the awful things that each of those cats went through. His father's name was fizz, but he died when he fell in a river. He was burned alive in the water, because the lab experiments done on him caused him to have terrible chemical reactions to water. One day, while they lived in a town, his mother was spotted by a two-leg walking by in the middle of the night. She was seen glowing. They tried to run, but she was taken by two-legs in strange white suits and was never seen again. Swallow ran and ran, not wanting to meet the same fate, until he found ShadowClan.