Clans Of The Forest (Information)


Longstar: A gray stripped tom with brown golden eyes. He has a scar on his left eye.
He can be cold when warrior's don't listen to him. Besides that, he is warm and very nice to others. He was a loner in a different place but he came here and became leader of Riverclan
He is very frail and old.




Silverclaw is a light grey she-cat with gorgeous sky blue eyes. She has been a part of RiverClan for as long as she could remember. She came to RiverClan as an apprentice, was trained by Ivythorn, and became a warrior. Dispite all the failures, despite all the abandonment, she never left RiverClan. She refused to leave her home, and that was what earned her the position as RiverClan deputy. She is very anti-social, awkward, and independent, but she can be incredibly kind and trusting if you manage to break down the stone wall she built around herself 

Medicine Cat: Dangerbreeze

 Dangerbreeze is a dark brown and light brown tom and is the Med Cat of Riverclan. He found Riverclan and when he saw their need for a cat who knew of herbs he stepped in and helped. His parents has been long since dead and he does not wish to leave River clan in anyway. Once he is loyal to someone he will never betray them. He has a tendency to be accident prone, which makes his position as medicine cat very convenient.





Flowerstone: I am Flowerstone a chocolate point siamese she-cat with leaf-green eyes. I am always calm except when it comes to my kits, Dazzlekit and Flickerkit. I used to be a loner named Dahlia.




Jetkit is a black tom with sky blue eyes. He was born the day after the war with Darkforest ended, along with his litter-mates, Hollykit, Sparrowkit, Flarekit, and Talonkit. Unlike his siblings, he was not named after war heroes, but after the enemy. Why? Well, because his mother fell in love with a darkforest tom, and Spark-Water (his mother) named her last born son after the brother of her now deceased mate. His mother never paid him any attention, and his siblings always forgot about him, so he left his clan, ThunderClan, to join RiverClan. He was adopted at Longstar's son.