Clans Of The Forest (Information)

Darkforest Cats



 Desdemona is a white she-cat with completely black eyes. Her eyes have no pupil, they are just black. Her eyes strike fear into those who stare directly into them. She was born to a kittypet named Bella, who was slaughtered right after she was born by her father, Marauder. Her father had only used her mother to bear him a child, and had absolutely no emotion towards the she-cat. Her father took her to Darkforest, where she was nursed by an evil she-cat spirit named Kaia. Her blood was tainted by the darkness, changing her once brilliant amber eyes to nothing but darkness. Pure evil began pumping through her veins, and the feelings of love, care, understanding, and friendship completely left her mind. She became incapable of being good. She was raised to do three things by her father: Killing, leadership, and battle strategy. She is incredibly cold, bloodthirsty, corrupted, inconsiderate, and controlling. Her father died, and she felt no pain. If anything, she felt victorious, because he was out of the way, and she was in charge of the army. She wants nothing more but to see the clans fall, and to see the blood of Hollystar's family pave the forest.


Fear of Death


 Fear of Death was a ginger, brown, and black tom with one yellow eye, and one blue eye. During his time alive, he worked on the side of Darkforest, as a general in war. Before his time in Darkforest, he lived in a tribe. His mother, Dawn of Mystery named him Fear, and he had a sister named Hope. His sister and himself were polar opposites, just as their names suggested, and they were not very fond of each other. Names in the tribe were based on what their destinies were foretold in the stars. The entire tribe was convinced that Fear was meant to fall victim to the darkness. They used to say that half of his face was black because he was half evil on the inside, and his yellow eye allowed him to see the dead. When his training to be a fighter came to an end, he and his sister got their full names. They were named based on the experiences they had gone through during their training. His sister was named Hope of Rebellion, because she never followed the rules, and always did what she wanted, instead of what others wanted. Fear was given the name Fear of Death, because during one of his hunting trips, he watched in horror as his father, Night of Eternity, was slaughtered viciously by a mountain lion. Fear of Death ended up falling in love with a beautiful ginger she-cat, named... (To be continued when I don't have writers block)




Jadefire is a jet black tom with piercing, deep blue eyes. His past is a rather shady one, one that absolutely no one knows, except his best friend, Lightningstrike. He was born to a loner, who went by the name Lia. Her mother was a kittypet, but ran away from her owners when she was still young. His mother, Lia, fell in love with a clan cat. He was a WindClan cat, named Bristlefoot. His mother was beautiful. She was black and white, with the most beautiful grey-blue eyes. Lia gave birth not long after to three beautiful kits, named Naiomi, Reigna, and himself, Jet. He deeply loved his sisters and mother. He saw his father on occasion, but him being a clan cat made it difficult to be with them often. One day, his father arrived to them, and took them far away without explanation. When they were out of clan territory, he told them that WindClan had banished him. Not only did the clan find out about his forbidden affair with his mother, but he was framed for the murder of the clan's deputy. He was being hunted by WindClan, and they had to run. Jet, of course, knew his father would never do such a thing. They all knew. Bristlefoot was a kind, honest, faithful warrior. He would never kill the deputy, especially since the deputy was his brother. He was only 5 moons old at the time, and was too young to understand what death really was. They spent their time hiding, until one day, they couldn't run any longer. Naiomi, his sister, had grown ill, and they couldn't travel until she was well again. That was the day the new WindClan deputy and his patrol caught up with them. Jet was merely 8 moons old, as he watched his father be slaughtered before him. The clan cats let the rest of them go. They didn't move for days. They just stayed where they were, grieving the loss of his father. When they started to move again, something had changed inside of Jet. He wasn't as close to his family as he once was. Lia, his mother, had tried to talk to him, but Jet wasn't very open. He had grown colder inside. Of course, he still loved his family more than anything in the world, but he just couldn't get himself to be open with them. Everything quickly changed. One night, a cat appeared to him in his dreams. He was an incredibly large cat. He was covered in scars, and he had two different colored eyes. One eye was red, the other eye was orange. He went by the name Marauder. He told him about the coming war. A place known as Darkforest was banding together to destroy the clans. This sparked interest inside of the young cat. There was nothing he wanted more than to avenge the death of his father. To kill the cat who framed his father for murder, and to destroy the cat who killed him. He began training in his dreams, slowly becoming more and more powerful. Before long, he found himself being like them. Blending with the shadows, seeing the dead while he was awake. It was starting to frighten him, so finally, he got the courage to tell his sister, Naiomi. To his surprise, he discovered she had been training too, and they started to have secret battle practices with each other when Reigna and Lia were away. During one of their training sessions, Marauder introduced him to two brothers, Vain and Vengance. Vain instantly became Jet's best friend, and they were like brothers. He spent six seasons training with them, before the war began. He fought on the side of the dark for ten seasons, before the war ended. Marauder, who had grown to be his new father figure, died in battle as he watched. He watched some tortoiseshell she-cat use the power of the stars to strike him down. Then, Marauder's daughter took charge. Her name, was Desdemona. She was cold, evil, heartless, and corrupted. Marauder was dark, but he was nothing compared to the ruthless she-cat who now took charge of the Darkforest army. She always told him: "Emotions are useless. They will hold you back. That's how we lost this war. You remember Fear and Griffon, right? They fell in love. Isn't that cute? That's also what got them killed." She didn't waste a moment drilling that into his head. But, for some reason, that wasn't enough for her. One morning, he woke up to find that Desdemona had slaughtered his mother, and his sister, Reigna. That snapped the last bit of affection he had inside of him. He became cold, heartless, unfeeling, and numb. He only ever talked to Vain willingly, but he didn't talk much. He was no longer the adorable, sweetheart Jet everyone once knew. Not long after, Desdemona gave them their first, and incredibly important quest. They were to change their names, and infiltrate the ThunderClan camp. They each sat down, and changed their names. Jet named himself Jadefire, because Jade was the color of his mother's eyes. Their mission: Kill the prodigy kits before the prophecy can be fulfilled.




 Shadefeather is a black she-cat, with a white chest and mystical purple eyes. She is a sister to Jadefire, and has no other living family. She was born 20 seasons ago (Five human years), to a loner who went by the name Lia. Her father was a WindClan cat, named Bristlefoot. She always deeply loved her mother and little sister, Reigna. Although they were born in the same litter, she still always looked down at Reigna as her younger sister. She always went out on hunting trips with her, until one day, she fell ill, after getting into a bush of deathberries. They were on the run from the cats out to kill her father, since he had been framed for the murder of the previous WindClan deputy. However, when she became sick, they had to stop their journey and rest behind a barn. That was when they caught up with them. She was too ill to see it, but when she woke up, she found her mother crying over her father's body. She blamed herself for her father's death more than anything. She hated herself. Every day of her life, she spent hating herself for getting into those berries. If she had just been smart enough to avoid them, she would still have her father. She spent one night roaming the forest by herself, while her family slept. That was when a scared-up, large, brown tom appeared to her. He told her that he knew how to make it right. She had to take down WindClan, and all other clan cats, and that would make things okay again. She agreed instantly, knowing she had to stop hating herself, and do something about it. She began training with the dark cats during the night, and sometimes during the day when her family wasn't around. Although, one day, she saw her brother, Jet, in darkforest with her. That was when she met Vengeance and Vain, who practically became her little brothers.They trained in darkforest together for several moons, before they began fighting in the war as soldiers for the dark side. When the dark side lost, and Marauder died, his daughter took charge. She was cold, ruthless, and vicious. She remembered waking up by the side of her brother, to find her little sister and mother slaughtered before them. Desdemona, the new leader of darkforest, sent that as a warning. That was when she gave them their first assignment. The four were to change their names, and infiltrate the ThunderClan camp. Then, they were to kill the four prodigy kits before they became too powerful. Naiomi changed her name to Shadefeather, and began her mission in ThunderClan. However, sometimes, she doubts if she's doing the right thing. She wonders if this is really the right way to make things right with her father. 







Lightningstrike is a cream colored tom with striking golden eyes. He is very honest, caring, and lives to make sure his best friend doesn't fall victim to his own hate. His past was wiped from his memory when he was young, so he can't remember anything about his life up until the age of four seasons. All he knows is that he was once an average loner with an average family. He can't even remember what his name was. His first memory is waking up in a dark, clouded forest. Before him stood a powerful, torn up brown tom with one red eye, and one orange eye. He went by the name Marauder. He told him that he was his father, and that he had lived there his entire life. When he asked what happened, he told him that he fell off a tree during a fight, and hit his head. Marauder gave him a new name, which was Vain. Of course, he didn't know that name was different from his real name, since it was wiped from his memory. Shortly after, he was introduced to a brown, happy-go-lucky six moon old kit, named Vengeance. Marauder told him that was his little brother. He always wondered why his brother looked nothing like himself, but he never doubted the tom who claimed to raise him. He remembered one night, when he asked his father why he didn't have a mother. That was when Marauder told him the first segment of his real life, avoiding certain truths, of course. His mother was named Rose, apparently. She was a beautiful, white she-cat, as his father described. She was a loner, and that he also had a little sister from a different litter. Marauder told him about how Vain used to help his mother with everything he could, because Marauder was always away fighting with the neighboring clan cats to leave them alone. But one day, Marauder was too late, and his precious mother and sister were slaughtered. When he asked about Vengeance, Marauder told him that the little kit was only his half brother, not full blooded. The fact that the clans had apparently killed his mother filled Vain with rage and hate, and asked his father if he could seek revenge. That was the day his training in Darkforest began. He trained for about four seasons, before he met his best friend, Jet. The two were like two peas in a pod. They trained together, hunted together, shared everything with each other, and even played games together on occasion. The thing that had made them so close, was that clan cats had killed someone they loved. The two always talked about how someday, they would take out the cat that killed their family. There was nothing the two friends wanted more. They must have trained for another six seasons before the war actually began. The two fought side-by-side, desperately trying to destroy the clans for what was done to them. He remembered halfway through the war, when Marauder introduced him to his long lost half sister, Desdemona. She wasn't kind to him in the slightest, and treated Vain like dung. She hardly felt like family. When the war ended, and Marauder was killed by the star-covered she-cat, he was filled with pain. What was even worse, was that Desdemona had taken their father's place as head of the Darkforest army. Vain did not like the idea of Desdemona being in charge in the slightest. One day, the two got into a fight, and the truth was revealed. She shouted at him, and told him that Marauder was not his father. She told him that his real father was named Danny, and he was a loner. One night, when his family was sleeping, Marauder jumped in, slaughtered his family, and kidnapped himself. He didn't believe her at first, but suddenly, it all made sense. Rose came to him in his dream, and told him that Desdemona was right. Vain begged Jet to run away with him, as he wanted nothing to do with Darkforest any longer. The two fled to a small cave, by a river. What happened in that cave was dark, horrifying, and pain striking. It was so awful, Jet had forgotten he had ever gone there. The two were both depressed. He remembered the day that the two fled, when Jet had told him that Desdemona had killed his mother. Jet had shut himself out, and wouldn't tell him anything. The two of them were both pain stricken, but Vain did all he could to keep the two alive. However, nothing would ever hide the image in his head of what he found one morning. He heard a yelp of pain one night when the moon was still high, and he looked beside himself to see that Jet wasn't there anymore. Dashing outside, he found Jet laying beside the stream, with blood dripping into the water from his wrist. He didn't know what was going on, until the realization came upon him. Jet had tried to kill himself. Vain rushed around and desperately tried to keep Jet alive, clogging up the wounds and stopping the blood flow. Jet had gone cold for several days, laying inside of the cave, and Vain did nothing but tend to him. He didn't eat, he hardly slept. When Jet started showing signs of life again, he was filled with relief. The two stayed there for another two moons, which was how long it took Jet to fully wake up. Shortly after, Desdemona had found them, and threatened the life of Naiomi, who was Jet's sister, and who had grown to be like a sister to Vain, and Vengeance, his little brother. The two refused to let them fall into the hands of Desdemona, so they went with her. Vain was astonished to find out that Jet remembered nothing that happened while they were away. That was the day Desdemona gave them their first mission since the war had ended. Change their names, infiltrate ThunderClan camp, and kill the prophecy kits before they kill them.